Come join us for our 17th Annual Fun Day:


Harvest Market






  Our Harvest Market is built of wood and has a front wall that can slide up and out of the shell as seen at the left. The top is open for light and viewing, and we used manufactured wood door and windows. The full-wall laser cut  display shelving unit is sized to perfectly fit along the back wall.  Everything seen in the Harvest Market photos is included in the project.  


As our inspiration ...

  As our inspiration, we found on Pinterest this delightful shop (Autumn's Pantry) created by Jodi Hippler and presented through her blog post (  




This pre-registered Fun Day Workshop will be held

in conjunction with our 40th Annual Miniatures Show and Sale
 Saturday May 31, 2025 from 9:00am to 2:00pm
 Note: check in will begin at 8:30am so we can start at 9:00am

Space is limited and pre-registration is "first come, first served".


This project has so many possibilities.  We are presenting it as a fall market and thinking of what a marvelous fall decoration it will be.  Just looking at the pictures will suggest so many possibilities for items to include.

apples and fall fruits fall flowers - mums, sunflowers pumpkins, plain and carved pumpkin pie packages
squash, gourds planters wreath watering can
fall linens baskets jars of preserves bucket
signs pots cookie packages rake
pots jug trowel broom

As an attendee you will be surprised by all the wonderful gifts that have been designed for you that will enhance and complement your project. These plus the optional gift exchanges will add to the delightful activities and camaraderie of the day.

Optional exchanges:
* Mini Exchange: make 20 identical quality accessories that could be found in a fall market. Please put your name on them.
* Table Favors: bring 5 small, wrapped gifts for your tablemates. These are usually a bit more substantial than the mini exchange items.
* Gift Exchange: $10 to $15 value. If you bring one, you will receive one! This should be gift wrapped.

Registration is $115.00. Information about which tools to bring will be sent via email as we get closer to May 31st.The registration form can be found here:

There will be a break for lunch. Information about lunch options will be presented as plans continue to be made.


For questions please contact Carol Kira 863-670-3130 or email