Judged Exhibits - 2018

Judged Exhibit Categories are:

Organized workshops - taught by an instructor.

Pre-cut Kits - work done on own with personal addition of art and design.

Vignette - design in an open display.

Room Boxes/Shops - an enclosed display box.

Landscape Using natural and synthetic materials to create a scenery, land, terrain.

 Doll a. Molded, painted, dressed and wigged

                 b. Dressed and wigged    

 All Original  Design Exhibitor must have created and crafted the entire entry.


Entries are limited to three (3) per person (must be different categories).  A separate form must be completed for each entry.  There is a $3.00 fee for each item entered.


Exhibits will be judged on originality, creativity and appearance. All entries must be completely finished and are required to be in correct scale: 1", 1/2", or 1/4". 


Winning exhibits will be awarded ribbons and show money for top places!


Each work will be screened before acceptance:

a. Work must be by the exhibiting artist

b. Exhibits previously entered into competition at the Lakeland Miniature Show are excluded from entry again.

c. Work must have been completed during the past two (2) years.


Plan to bring your exhibits to the Hilton Garden Inn on Saturday, June 23, 2018 between 10 am and 4pm.  Delivery and/or registration fee payment for exhibits will not be accepted after 4:00 pm, Saturday, June 23, 2018.  All exhibits must remain on display for the duration of the show on Sunday, June 24th.